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Harry Potter Snack Pack

Harry Potter Snack Pack

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We have taken our signature SNACK PACK! and kicked it up a notch!

Are you sending a gift to a fan of Harry Potter? Then this pack is a must! We have done some research for you and created a super fun gift your Harry Potter fanatic will never forget with themed snacks and keepsakes!


Our Signature Mix of Sweet & Salty Snacks (Serves 2-4)**

1 Harry Potter Jelly Slugs Pack

1 Pack Bertie Bott's Jelly Beans w/Rating Card

1 Rock Candy

1 Assorted Harry Potter Pez Dispenser

1 Harry Potter Wand Pencil

1 Assorted Harry Potter Key Chain

4 Assorted Harry Potter Stickers

1 Glowstick

Gift Wrapping

Harry Potter Themed Gift Note from You


*Want to include water?!  You got it!  Option to UPGRADE this Snack Pack to a Snack Tote to Go! Below!



*UPGRADE to a Snack Tote!* Tote Choice + Water Bundle

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