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"Yes everyone has loved their baskets and my daughter's was absolutely amazing!! I was just about to order another one today for a client! lol! Thank you so much for all you do!"

Megan, Travelmation

"My beautiful basket was awesome the kids loved everything and I was very happy with it!"

Linda P.

"I had used Mouse To Your House in the past for Disney clients, but for some reason, I was going to use an in-house option for a recent Universal client. Found out at the very last minute that the in-house option wasn't available and immediately went to Mouse To Your House for the last-minute save! No problem finding exactly what my clients needed and getting it to them on time, and they were thrilled with their bag. Thanks so much!"

Samantha M.

I was so blown away by the customer service I received, Mouse to Your House went above and beyond to create a wonderful gift for my client.

Sarah J.

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