Our Delivery Process

STEP ONE:  Choose a basket & choose a day!  Once you find an awesome basket on the website and decide to send it to your guest, you will be asked for all the information we need to get this basket from our shop to their resort. You will provide the "Resort Drop-Off Date/Check-In Date" as well as all the rest of the guest's information during the checkout process. 

STEP TWO: We make some magic! We will prepare your awesome basket and drop it off at the resort within 24 hours of the day you selected. (99% of the time, this takes place PRIOR to your guest's arrival so the resort has time to log and process the delivery.)

STEP THREE: It's in Mickey's hands now! (Or those pesky Minions!)  Most resorts will attempt to deliver the basket to the guest's room, however a few select resorts do require Front Desk pickup.  If the hotel is unable to deliver to the room, your guest will be contacted via the resort to let them know that they have a surprise delivery awaiting them.  We cannot guarantee a specific date/time that the resort will deliver.  Resorts attempt delivery at their earliest convenience, daily between the hours of 9 AM and 10 PM.




  • How do I pick the "Resort Drop-Off Date/Check-In Date?"  The best date to choose is always the guest's Check-In Date.  However, in cases where the guests have already checked in when you place your order, or you want the basket delivered during the middle of a long stay, you can choose the next best date!  Remember, your basket will be dropped-off at the resort on within 24 hours of that day and delivered to the guest at the Resort's earliest convenience and we cannot guarantee the exact delivery date.
  • Why are baskets dropped off "within 24 hours" of the Resort Drop-Off date?  Our calendar is blocked off 3 days in advance so we can organize our orders and deliveries and bundle them, which is how we are able to offer you FREE Resort Drop-Off to all Disney World & Universal resorts!
  • Is there a "Resort Drop-Off fee? No! For all Disney Resorts, Disney Area Resorts, and Universal Resorts there is no fee for Resort Drop-Off. Your guests will not be charged to receive their baskets by us or Disney/Universal. 
  • The Resort Drop-Off date that I would like to choose is not available.  Why?  Resort Drop-Off dates within 3 days may not be available for selection due to necessary turnaround time for basket creation and drop off.  Choose the next available date and your basket will be delivered within 24 hours of the Resort Drop-Off date you chose.
  • I desperately need a basket sent sooner that the next available date! What can I do? Email us!  There is a $20 rush fee for any regular orders placed within 48 hours of the requested Resort Drop-Off date.  Email us with the order information and date you are requesting.  If there is availability, we will update the order and it will be dropped-off once the rush fee has been processed.
  • I just found out my guests are changing resorts.  What do I do? Let us know as soon as possible!  Email us!  If we have the information prior to drop-off we can update it and ensure it goes to the correct resort. During the Resort Drop-Off process, we ensure that the guest are in fact registered at that resort.  If the guest has changed resorts and we are not informed prior to attempted drop off, a $20 Re-Drop-Off fee will apply.
  • Can a basket be in the room prior to arrival?  This is at the resort's discretion, and does not happen often.  Resorts typically wait until after guests have check-in to deliver, in case a guest upgrades or room moves during or shortly after the check-in process.  However, the resorts typically attempt most deliveries during the day when most guests are out of the room enjoying the resorts and parks, so there is still an element of surprise!
  • Why haven't my guests receive their basket in their room yet? Some selected Disney resorts as well as all Disney Area Resort and Universal resorts require Front Desk pick up, so have your guest stop by or call the Front Desk/Guest Services and inquire about their basket. Disney Resorts attempt delivery at their earliest convenience, daily between the hours of 9 AM and 10 PM, however if a guest has the Do Not Disturb sign on their door they will be unable to drop off the basket. All guests at all resorts should keep an eye on their in-room phone for any messages that have been left for them and inquire with the Front Desk/Guest Services if they are looking for their basket.
  • I picked a Resort Drop-Off date of the 10th and got the Resort Drop-Off notification on the 9th.  Will the basket still be there for my guests? Yes! We do our best to ensure that all baskets are at the resort on or prior to their drop off date so that the baskets can be delivered by the resort to the guest sooner.  If we drop off a basket to a resort a day early and your guests have not arrived yet, that's OK!  The resort will hold it until they arrive.