Our Local Delivery Process

Want a step-by-step guide on how to place an order?  Click here!


Choose a basket!  Once you find an awesome basket, chosen you options (like theme or additional inclusions), and reviewed your cart, please select the "Send to a Hotel/Resort Guest" Delivery Method. You will provide the Check-In Date, Check-Out Date, Resort, and Gift Note text in the cart.  We'll collect the rest of the guest's information during the checkout process. 

Enter Delivery Address!  Proceed to checkout and enter the Delivery Address; this may be a hotel/resort, home, or business address.  Once you've entered the delivery address for the recipient, all Delivery Options will be available.  If the location is to one of the resorts included on our Local Delivery list, that option will appear.

Finish Checkout!  Enter any promo code or gift card info, your billing information, and completed your order!

Your basket will be added to our delivery queue to be dropped off at the resort on or before their check-in date.  If you order within 2 business days of arrival, the basket will be delivered as soon as possible but as late as 2 business days after your order.

**Orders placed after 2:00 PM EST are processed the next business day.


We make some magic! We will prepare your awesome basket and drop it off at the resort within 2 business days of the check-in date. (99% of the time, this takes place PRIOR to your guest's arrival so the resort has time to log and process the delivery.)


It's in Mickey's hands now! Or those pesky Minions!  We deliver baskets to the Front Desk/Concierge Desk of the resort and send a delivery confirmation to you via email.  Please allow up to 24 hours for the resort to accept and log the gift basket (although it does usually happen much faster!).  Please note that due to COVID, resorts are not currently allowing team members in unoccupied guest rooms (so they cannot make an in room delivery). They will call your guest (and leave a voicemail) to let them know a package has arrived and they will bring it to the room whenever your guest is in the room and available to accept it! They can also stop by the front desk/concierge desk and pick it up anytime.  





  • Why are baskets dropped off "within 2 business days" of the Resort Drop-Off date?  We work closely with the resorts to ensure that baskets are dropped off in a timely manner so that they can make their way to the recipient.  Most resorts prefer that items are dropped on prior to guest check in so that they can accept and log the item and prepare it for the guest. 


  • Is there a "Resort Drop-Off fee? No! At this time, the new delivery regulations for Disney Resorts does not affect us as we do not deliver to Bell Services, we hand deliver to the Front Desk.  For more information, click here.


  • I just found out my guests are changing resorts.  What do I do? Let us know as soon as possible!  Email us!  If we have the information prior to drop-off we can update it and ensure it goes to the correct resort. During the Resort Drop-Off process, we ensure that the guest are in fact registered at that resort.  If the guest has changed resorts and we are not informed prior to attempted drop off, a $20 Re-Drop-Off fee will apply.


  • Can a basket be in the room prior to arrival?  No.  In an effort to limit the spread of COVID-19, resorts are not currently allowing team members in unoccupied guest rooms.  Delivery can be arranged by the guest once they are on site and in their room or they can be picked up at the Front Desk.


  • Why haven't my guests received their basket in their room yet? Resorts will reach out to guests via the in room phone to arrange delivery or pickup of the item, so have them check their messages or reach out to the desk.


  • My guest checks in on the 10th and got the Delivered notification on the 8th.  Will the basket still be there for my guests? Yes! We do our best to ensure that all baskets are at the resort on or prior to their drop off date so that the baskets can be properly accepted and logged by the resort and get to the guest sooner.  If we drop off a basket to a resort a day early and your guests have not arrived yet, that's OK!  The resort will hold it until they arrive.