Local Delivery - Disney Fee/Bell Services

At this time, the new delivery regulations for Disney Resorts does not affect baskets delivered via Local Delivery as we do not deliver to Bell Services.  However, we are in contact with the resorts daily and should anything change on our end, we will inform everyone ASAP.

Additionally, Disney Resorts should *not* be charging this fee for gift items like our gift baskets, floral, etc. - any hand delivered gift items.   It is not the norm for these fees to be charged to guests and we've only ever heard of it happening to our clients on 2 occasions (and the resort apologized and refunded after realizing one of their new hires added the charge in error).

If your guests are charged this fee, they should speak with the front desk - this fee only applies to packages/grocery/prime deliveries and should not be charged for our baskets.  They should dispute it with the desk while they are still on property.