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"Yes everyone has loved their baskets and my daughter's was absolutely amazing!! I was just about to order another one today for a client! lol! Thank you so much for all you do!"

Megan, Travelmation Travel Agent

"My beautiful basket was awesome the kids loved everything and I was very happy with it! You do a very good job at your welcome baskets! When you sent the second one with the American flag...I was totally in love and it was so unexpected thank you for your generous gift it means a lot to me. I absolutely love the cup and the tea as well! it was nice to get something for mama! Thank you!!!"

Linda P. - Custom Basket for Family Trip

"LOVE the basket. Great job!!!! Thanks again. Outstanding. Will be recommending you to friends."

Tisha W. - Custom Basket for Husband

"My daughter loved her Moana themed custom basket. It was the perfect surprise for her birthday. It was beautifully wrapped and decorated. Thank you for all of the love you put into her basket. We couldn't have asked for a better surprise for our little princess."

LaDonna - Custom Moana Basket