FAQ: Can I add things to a basket that’s listed on your site?

Each basket page on the website has a list of available add-ons that can be added as you are building it. These add-ons are determined by size, weight, and whether they’ll affect the standard wrapping needed for that basket. 

If an add-on is added to a basket that was not on the basket’s listing page, it may be removed, refunded, or the basket may be subject to a custom basket fee.

If you are a travel agent or regular customer and there is something you'd like to add on a consistent basis to your baskets that is not listed as a choice, please feel free to let us know. We will consider making it a regular add-on if it is something we can add without customizing the wrapping!

At this time, water is only available as an add-on for our Snack Tote to Go since the standard wrapping can accommodate it for this basket. We know that extra water is a popular request, and we hear you!  We are currently sourcing baskets that can accommodate this request and will update our site as soon as possible once this option is available.

To add items to a basket that are not shown on the basket’s listing page, your order would now be considered a custom basket and is subject to custom basket fees. If you would like to add items to your basket, please contact us about placing a custom order.