Brand My Basket! Program Level 2

Brand My Basket! Program! 
Level 2 
Travel Agent Marketing Agreement 

 Sure, sending a Mouse to Your House basket to your client is impactful and they love it!  But do you want to take it to the next level?  We gotchu! 

By enrolling in our Brand My Basket! Program Level 2, we can send your clients a gift basket featuring your brand!  Simply select your agency specific basket option on our website!  We’ll do the rest!  Now, let’s get your Travel Agency enrolled!! 

 Enrolling in our Brand My Basket! Program Level 2 entitles you and your agents to add your Travel Agency’s branded merchandise to baskets at no additional cost.* 

 *Dependent on stock provided by the agency   

 There are no annual fees for the Brand My Basket! Program Level 2. The fee schedule is as follows: 

  • Enrollment Fee - $120 
  • One-time, non-refundable payment 
  • Guarantees your spot in the Brand My Basket! Program Level 2 Program.  This includes onboarding all of the agents at your Agency, setuping your Agency in the program, completing all administrative tasks, and receiving and processing your first shipment of inventory. 
  • Your first year of storage fees in included in the Enrollment Fee, a $30 savings! 
  • Re-Enrollment Fee - $30 
  • After initial enrollment, you will be asked to provide a quantity at which you want an alert sent to refill your stock; when this inventory level is reached, you will be asked if you would like to renew your enrollment.   
  • Covers the administrative tasks to re-enroll and receiving and processing your shipment of inventory. 
  • Storage Fee - $10/month 
  • Your first year of storage is included in the Enrollment fee!  12 months after initial enrollment, storage fees apply regardless of whether or not re-enrollment applies. 
  • Storage is billed annually and in advance at $120 ($10 per month for the 12 months). 
  • A Storage Fee applies to each branded item you send. We will accept two cases per item at a time.  

 Enrollment in the Program can only be authorized by the Agency Owner.  If the Agency has a secondary Ambassador that will be the main contact for Mouse To Your House, they will also need to review and sign this agreement. 

 Once this agreement is completed and returned, expect a two-week processing time. After submission, an invoice will be sent to the Agency Owner and upon payment, the Enrollment begins! Detailed dates of availability and next steps will be provided shortly after all items have been returned to Mouse To Your House. 

 After enrollment is complete, and branded products have been received, the agency items can be added to baskets by selecting it from the Travel Agency Logo drop-down menu. If agency wishes to create a specific offering, we can create a branded gift just for you. 

 For questions, please email the Mouse to Your House Team at  Thank you for your interest in this program!  We look forward to working together! 

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