Why the snack tote is the perfect gift!

Why the snack tote is the perfect gift!

Do you or someone you know have an Orlando Vacation coming up? Want to send them a special gift? How about some snacks? 

Well we have something that would be perfect for you! 

This is a snack tote! They are exactly what they sound like, a cute tote bag filled with tasty snacks!

Our snack totes are filled with our Signature Mix of Sweet and Salty Snacks and offer SOO many add-ons to make them fully customizable. 

We first start with a tote bag…and we have a lot of them! Anywhere from Star Wars to Pirates of the Caribbean to Frozen, we have something for everyone! To see the full list of totes that we have available click here!

From there, we fill them up with our Signature Mix of Sweet and Salty Snacks. Our mix serves 2-4 guests and offers a variety of everyone's favorite snacks! 

And the last step is completely up to you! The snack tote is all set to go out as it is, but you can add on some special items if you want! We have everything from plushes to keychains to balloons! For the full list of add-ons, click here!


So if that wasn’t enough to convince you to send a Snack Tote as a gift, here are some other reasons why it is the PERFECT gift! 

  1. A snack tote will provide you 2-3 days worth of snacks and goodies for your trip!
  2. You get a cute tote bag that you can reuse!
  3. A Snack Tote is WAYYY cheaper than buying the overpriced snacks in the parks!
  4. We provide a customizable gift note in each basket, as well as gift wrapping to make for a very easy gift!
  5. We deliver to any hotel in the Orlando Area but can also ship to anywhere in the United States!

A Snack Tote is the perfect gift for you to send to your friends, family, or clients! To order one, you can click here!


By: Mycah Burke

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