Top 10 Things to do at City Walk  - Universal

Top 10 Things to do at City Walk - Universal

While many people visit Universal Studios Orlando to visit the two theme parks, there is so much to do before you even enter. At Universal’s CityWalk, there’s so many fun things to do before, after, or even in the middle of your park day!

Here are the top 10 things to do when visiting Universal’s City Walk!

  1. Visit the legacy store! Early last year, Universal changed the location of the main Universal store in city walk to a bigger location. The old location, however, did not go extinct. Instead Universal decided to open up the legacy store to provide an inside look at the history of Universal!


  1. Get a donut from Voodoo Donut! This is an absolute must do when visiting Universal Studios Orlando. Be ready to have some of the BEST donuts you’ve ever had in your life. My personal favorite is the Bacon Maple Bar.


  1. Sing at Rising Star! Universal‘s Rising Star is a karaoke bar hidden in the back of CityWalk but it’s a super fun spot to sing and relax, especially in the hot Florida summer. Even if you don’t want to sing, this is a must stop spot!

  1. Catch a movie at Cinemark! One of the first things you will see when you enter CityWalk is Cinemark. This is a great spot to catch a movie and escape the Florida sun. They even  offer discount movie days on tuesdays!


  1. Play a round of mini golf at Hollywood Drive In! With 2 18-Hole courses, this spot is sure to provide a fun time for the whole family. The entire course is sci-fi themed and is located in the front of CityWalk.

  1. Grab a crazy milkshake at Toothsome Chocolate Emporium! Toothsome Chocolate emporium is one of the best spots in city walk to grab some dessert. My personal favorite are their milkshakes. They are fairly big and have some very unique flavors. My favorite is the Red Velvet shake.


  1. Dance the night away at the Red Coconut Club! RCC is one of the best clubs in City Walk and is a great spot to grab a cocktail and have some fun. Note this spot is only for guests 21+

  1. Catch a live show at the lagoon stage! Occasionally, Universal will host bands to perform at the lagoon stage located in the middle of CityWalk! It’s a great spot to chill and listen to some amazing music throughout the day!

  1. Grab a bite to eat at Pat O Briens! Featuring a signature New Orleans vibe, Pat O Briens is a great spot to get some amazing Cajun cuisine and listen to some live music at the piano bar
  1. Ride the Water Taxis! Usually for the resorts, the universal water taxis are open daily to transport guests to and from the park. It’s a great, relaxing ride and is completely free to anyone visiting USO.


These are the top 10 things to do when visiting Universal Studios Orlando CityWalk! It’s a great spot to grab a bite to eat, catch a great movie, and have fun with family and friends. It’s definitely worth it to stop by some of the spots in City Walk. 


Written by Mycah Burke

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