New Website, Who Dis?

New Website, Who Dis?

We have been working day and night for the past couple months getting everything ready, so now we can announce...

The website is new and better than ever before! 

TA Discount: Now, you can see how much you're saving right from the start! Our cart and checkout pages now show the original price as well as your discounted price - so you can see how much you've saved! 

Updated Pricing: Now, your TA discount works on everything! Even add-ons qualify for your exclusive discount.

Smoother Checkout: You can now save your preferred payment method to your account for faster checkout! We've also streamlined the checkout page

Logging In: Forget to log in before checking out? We've got you! Now, if you need to log in at checkout, your cart info will save for you (avoiding the dreaded re-type all these fields dilemma!). 

THIS BLOG! Hi there, my name is Courtney and I love to talk all things Dis and Biz - where better than a blog?! I've added a blogging feature to the website, so we can publish news that is important and relevant to you without blowing up your inbox with 100 emails/week (don't you hate companies that do that?!). I'm looking forward to connecting here! 

What do you think of the new site? How can we improve? What would make your life easier? We are all ears when it comes to improving! 


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