Candy Cane Creation! Build-Your-Own Holiday Basket!

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Let your creativity fly with our Build-Your-Own Basket!  Start by picking a base and follow your heart from there! 

You can add just 1 plush and 1 ear headband or-- 2 of everything!  Choose your inclusions below for a one-of-a-kind and personal gift!


Your Choice of Holiday Themed Base

Gift Note from You

Holiday Themed Gift Wrapping





Base Choice - Includes Merry + Bright Options!

Choose Your Base - Includes Merry + Bright Options!

Merry + Bright Seasonal Specials

Christmas Bubble & Sanitizer Bundle ($ 5.00)

SOLD OUT - Christmas Light Bulb Necklace ($ 10.00)

ONLY ONE LEFT!!! --- Disney Parks Christmas Potholder ($ 13.00)

Disney Parks Holiday Tsum Tsum Mystery Pin 2 Pack ($ 15.00)

Disney Parks Plush Advent Calendar ($ 39.00)

Holiday Plush
Cozy Fleece Blanket
Confetti Popper (1 Each) ($ 1.00)

Add Some Extra Magic

Harry Potter Keychain (1 Each) ($ 5.00)

Bubbles - Includes Merry + Bright Options!
Ears & Hats - Includes Merry + Bright Options!

Health and Wellness

Hand Sanitizer - Includes Merry + Bright Options!
First Aid Kit

More Snacks, Please!

Life Savers Mints Wint-O-Green Hard Candies ($ 2.00)

Treat House JUMBO Christmas Rice Krispie Treat Bars (GF) (1 EACH) ($ 5.50)

Final Touches

Character Balloon - Local Delivery ONLY! (Excluding AKL)
Occasion Balloon - Includes Merry + Bright Options! - Local Delivery ONLY! (Excluding AKL)
Pins & Celebration Buttons
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