Bippity Boppity Brains & Beauty! A Princess Basket!

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Treat your Disney-bound Princess with this fun-filled basket.  Your Princess will be able to track her every Disney-tastic memory in her Travels Journal while still maintaining her on fleek lifestyle with some Bippity Boppity Boutique nail polish!

WANT MORE?  Take this perfectly Princess basket to the next level by adding on some Chocolate Covered Crispie Treatsickles, a set of festively floral Ears or a Belle plush!  Or all 3!!! 


  • My Walt Disney World Travels Princess Journal
  • A Mouse To Your House Pen
  • A Set of Disney Princesses MagicBandits
  • Bippity Boppity Boutique Nail Polish
  • Princesses Castle Small Balloon
    • Princess Themed Gift Wrapping and Resort Delivery
    • A Gift Note from You


    Psst!: The exact items pictured may change (ex. treats may change flavor). For more commonly asked questions, please visit our FAQ




    Balloons & Buttons

    Add A Decorative Button
    Add A Character Balloon
    Add An Occasion Balloon
    Add A Balloon Bouquet ($ 12)

    We will choose colors that match your basket best! Specific color request? Write it in comments at checkout.

    Add Some Extra Magic

    Belle Plush with Blanket Pouch - Disney Babies - Small ($ 27)

    Floral Mickey Ear Headband ($ 27)

    2 Chocolate Covered Crispie Treatsickles ($ 6)

    Looking to add more items?

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