FAQ: Do you hand-deliver each basket?

Yes, our goal is to hand-deliver all of our gift baskets to a recipient’s hotel or resort! For a complete list of our delivery locations, click here

Please note that due to COVID, some resorts are not currently allowing team members to enter unoccupied guest rooms meaning that we cannot make in-room deliveries.

Instead, the resort will call your recipient on their in-room phone to let them know a package has arrived. If your guest is unavailable, a voicemail with the same message will be left. 

Guests can arrange an in-room drop-off by hotel staff, or they can arrange to pick it up by the front desk or concierge at their convenience. 

Until all resorts have officially returned to allowing in-room delivery, our standard procedure will remain as "front desk pickup" for all baskets hand-delivered to a hotel or resort.