We Scream for Treats! - LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY

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This summer-time treat will melt in your mouth, but not in your hands! 

Choose your inclusions below for a one-of-a-kind and personal gift!


3x Chocolate Covered Crispie Treatsickles

Gift Note from You

Gift Wrapping





    Spooooooky Seasonal Specials

    Disney Parks Candy Filled Mickey Mouse Pinwheel - LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY ($ 8.00)

    Halloween Bundle - Bubbles, Play Pack, & Sanitizer ($ 8.00)

    Disney Parks Halloween Vampire Mickey Dessert Plate ($ 15.00)


    Add Some Extra Magic

    Harry Potter Keychain (1 Each) ($ 5.00)

    Ears & Hats - Includes Spooooooky Options!
    Licensed Minnie Mouse Luggage Tag ($ 5.00)

    ONLY ONE LEFT!! -- Disney World Tropical Serenade Tiki Room Magnet ($ 15.00)


    Health and Wellness

    Emergen-C Immune+ (with Vitamin D) Powder Packet ($ 1.50)

    Advil Pain Reliever (1 Packet of 2 Capsules) ($ 1.00)

    Hand Sanitizer
    First Aid Kit


    Park Essentials

    Park Poncho ($ 2.50)



    Beauty and Pampering

    Lip Balm


    Final Touches

    Birthday Flair
    Airfill Balloon
    Character Balloon - Local Delivery ONLY! (Excluding AKL)
    Occasion Balloon - Includes Spooooooky Options! - Local Delivery ONLY! (Excluding AKL)
    Pins & Celebration Buttons - Includes Spooooooky Options!